IT Problems

Your Computer

Does it look like your computer is giving up?
Are you tired of waiting for your computer or laptop to finally boot?
And is your computer unusable because of all kinds of problems?

Then you came to the right company.
Web2B1can make your laptop or computer work like it’s new.
Web2B1 will make your computer usable again for a sharp and fair price .
From a brand new Windows installation / MacOS, to a cleanup of your personal files.
Web2B1 takes care of it all.

Your Internet / Router

Is your internet connection not good enough, or does it fail often?
Does your wifi or ethernet connection not work like it’s supposed to?

Web2B1 makes sure you can easily enjoy the worldwide web again.
From a new router to installing one, Web2B1 takes care of it all.


The prices of these services depend on a number on factors. Contact Web2B1 for more information.